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GR20 : 24h - Corsica in 4K

GR20 : 24h - Corsica in 4K

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Julien Zimmer

il y a 2 ans

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Either you walk it from north to south or south to north (like we did), the mythical GR20 is as beautiful as hard. In the warm summer, you should get up early enough to walk at the very first hours of the day, in order to avoid the heat that does not decrease before 5 p.m. Besides this loved-hated sun, the uphills are steeper than you got warned for, the ridgelines are sometimes as narrow as your margin of error, but that's the way to walk to get into these jawbreaking landscapes. Because we did the full hike from Conca to Calenzana (south - north) in 10 days, we literally spent our whole days on the trails, walking in average 9 hours a day. The lunch was the only real break of the day, so besides the morning and the evening, it was the only moment I could properly make my footages. During my hikes, I have always felt a struggle within me: going forward on the path or standing still to shoot. Because of te difficulty of the GR20 (either from a technical point of view and the length of the hike), it got emphasized during this 10 days. For me, hiking and shooting beautiful landscapes are paradoxically an intuitive and a counter-nature posture. The balance I have found between this two things I am passionate about is this video. Walked and shot with the Panasonic GH4 and its lens-kit (14-140 mmm f/3.5 -5.6), in July 2017. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.

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