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The Hidden Kingdom : MUSTANG (Nepal).

The Hidden Kingdom : MUSTANG (Nepal).

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In 1999, Was my frist trip to Nepal. I can say it totally change my life forward! I was born in the Alps and was so attracted by the himalayan mountains. I did the Annapurna circuit at that time with my best friend Oliver. I was looking for the tibetan culture , inspired by some adventurous person like Alexandra David Neels and Olivier Folmi .When you do the Annapurna circuit there is a small village called Kagbeni at a 3400meters of elevation. This is the entrance to an hidden valley called Mustang. This aera is a restricted aera . that means you are not allowed to get there without a special permit and a guide and a to be a group of a minimum of 2 person. We staied in there a couple of days , it has been probably my best moment ever . Since 1999, i visited Nepal almost 19th time and discovered several places but i always kept inside me to coming back to Kagbeni. So i finally find the right time to get there in May 2013. It was also a good chance to be trekking with my fellow friend and guide Deny. He was also excited to visit this new area. Here is the movie about this 10 days trekking we did in Upper Mustang. I was first suprised to see how the Annapurna circuit changed . Now it is possible to reach Kagbeni by bus or Jeep , making Kagbeni in a close future not as attractive as it was in the past . This trekking was amazing. First the landscape were outstanding , geology really similar to the Grand Canyon, it was really dry and colorful rocks.i also visited some of the most interesting monasteries i've seen in Himalayas . And get chance to assist at the creation of a sand Mandala. The highlight of this trek was the meeting of Yangchen , she is young local girl and invite Deny and me to stay with her and her family. It was a great experience and i will never forget it. If you need more information about this trekking , don't hesitate to contact me . Hope you will enjoy it. Music : Soundtrack from Samasara (L.Gerrard/M.Stern/M. Francisci) C2C : The Cell Shot with a 5DII. Edited with FCPX

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