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Shoshala (English)

Shoshala (English)

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chaîne escalade

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Au sujet de cette aventure

Film réalisé en mémoire de l'athlète Giovanni Quirici.
Already in 2010, the climber Elie Chevieux discovered a wonderful BigWall in the Indian region of Kinnaur. This year he decided to return to the impressive wall and establish a new route with Yannick Boissenot and the Mammut Proteam athlete Giovanni Quirici, who, sadly, recently lost his life. After two months in India, three weeks in the base camp and only three days of fine weather, the team was able to climb a 700-meter long route including several passages with a difficult rating of 7 leading up to the 4,700-meter high peak. This film was shot in memory of the extraordinary Mammut climbing athlete Giovanni Quirici...

Catégorie(s) : Personnalités , Peuple , Montagne , Escalade , Giovanni Quirici , Kinnaur , Roadtrip , Temple

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